JIT - Just In Time

the right product
in the right place
at the right time

Management of vehicles assembly lines in automotive industry (Just In Time – JIT) requires to OEMs and logisticians to have a product that could deliver synchronously. The manufacturer is expected to deliver the right product in the right time and in accordance with the sequence defined on the assembly line. The highest form of JIT is Just In Sequence (JIS). 

We offer a simple solution for displaying and processing EDI call-offs being received by a supplier from customers.

Our complex ERP system allows a complete management of a store advanced provider for the just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery. EDI call-offs and orders are processed in one place and data are imported to system. All the details for purchases, planning, and production are available instantly. System can process complex message formats too, visualize them easily, so that supplier gets clear, accurate and timely information. There is no need to retype data or to use complicated solutions, as well errors are eliminated. In our system you can manage also warehouse management, orders, invoices and other company processes. You can also easily create customer labels, documents, and ASNs.

It is a multi-manufacturer application and it can interface with your information system.

Differences between Just in Time and Just in Sequence
Rozdiel medzi Just In Time a Just in Sequencies

Do you need to integrate the solution into your existing information system? No problem! We offer our solution also as an application that is linked to your information system. All warehouse operations and movements of goods are recorded in real time and at real place. The user has at any time absolutely accurate data on the status of the goods in stock, including production batches, serial numbers and expiration times. The system records not only where the goods are currently in stock but also on which pallets they are located.

 Please click for more information regarding application WMS – Mobile Warehouse.


CCS – Cargo Customs Service, s.r.o. – Ing.Marek Michelík – Automotive Operations Manager

Our company was looking for a WMS system for the warehouse. We needed to work with PDAs in the warehouse where we need to receive / store and issue stock cards with unique serial numbers contained in the 2D code. We needed to track scanned serial numbers in the process from receipt to expedition and sequencing them with PDAs – creating a cost claim, comparing the correctness of the specified variant and assigning the serial number to the customer’s serial number. The ABITec solution and its application Mobile Warehouse met our needs and requirements, the application has been connected to the information system and the solution is working fine. We are very satisfied with ABITec’s services and implementation, that´s why we ordered ABITec to implement also other projects at current time.


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